"In the darkest of hours, I often find myself wondering if the path I have taken has been the right course of action. I often wonder if all the friends I have lost would still be laughing and smiling. It is in these moments that most would find themselves failing, that i find myself driven even more."

From the Codex of Wisegren the Hero of Obelisk.

In order to Connect and Play on The Dark Tides Server, you will need to download a few files. Simply follow the instructions below to get connected.
Our Installer Will Not Interfere With Any Other Ultima Online Installations.

Step 1: You need to Download and Run the Dark Tides Installer from the link below (in blue).

Dark Tides Installer

Once the download is complete and you run the installer, it may take a few moments for the installer to launch. So be patient.

Once It Does Click Next.

Select that you accept the agreement and click next.

We recommend you allow it to install to the default location, but you can change it if you wish. Once you have the destination picked, click next.

It will install all the files you need to play on our server, once it is done click finish.

Step 2:If You have a version of Ultima Online already Installed from previous servers and have previously used razor, you may skip this step. If you do not have a version of UO on your computer already, you will want to download and install the UO Client linked below. Without it Razor might throw errors at you.

Ultima Online Classic

Step 3:You will need to download and install Razor.exe from the link below. Razor is used to point the UOClient to our server as well as provide additional in game options.


Once this is done you will need to launch Razor and do some basic set up.

Once the Razor Window opens, You will need to Set what client you wish to load in the "load client field". To do this click on browse and direct it to where The Dark Tides Installer put the files.

Next you will need to direct Razor's UO Data Directory exactaly like you did the Load Client. To where The Dark Tides Installer put the files.

Next you will need to Set the Server and Port Info which is as follows.

Port: 2593

Once all of that is done, click Make these settings default(only if you are going to exclusively play at the Dark Tides) and then click okay.

Step 4:Now that you are all Set Up and Ready to play, Razor Will bring you to the login screen. Here you will need to decide what your account name and password will be. For new players, what you put into these fields will be your account name and password. Once you picked these, click the green arrow in the lower right hand corner. This will bring you to the character creation screen or the character select screen. If you get a message about your account name and password not being correct and you are a new player this means the account name is already taken so try a different one.

Thank you from the staff at The Dark Tides, we hope you enjoy your stay. If you have any questions we suggest you visit and register on our forum. You can post your questions there.