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August 23 , 2019:
The Codex of Lore has been started.

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ill titleGods and Goddess

Here you will find a list of the deities the rule over the Dark Tides World of Terra. It is important to note that there followers can be found wandering the world and in some Dungeons and Temples. These followers act as priests, priestesses, and servants of their deity. They are also wandering healers. The Followers of Light are blue named, and the Followers of Darkness are red named. Some red named followers can resurrect players who have become red named. All Followers of a Deity have the ability to resurrect dead players. What follows is a list with brief descriptions of the Deities.


ill titleThe Light

St. Aria:(humility is her virtue) goddess of purity and light. she was granted immortality by the god Solstanis for her acts of charity and humility in the aftermath of the destruction of the city of Durothi

Solstanis:(spirituality is his virtue) the god of light. Solstanis is the one who destroyed the city of Durothi after the people were found to be worshipping an ancient evil, and had raised themselves so far over the common man dumping their trash and sewage on them.

Terra:(sacrifice is her virtue) the goddess of nature and love

Obelisk:(justice) god of the realms and guardian of the gates. also known as the fallen god. legend says he died before the creation of man, and its his blood that was used to create humans. The city and nation of Obelisk is named after him. Humans were the third race born of the gods.

Luna:(compassion) goddess of the moon and of the night. wife of Solstanis.

Aurora:(honor) goddess of honor and conviction. worshipped by the paladins and the wife of Obelisk.

Kyro:(honesty) god of the primal forces, magic, and enlightenment. It is said that Kyro holds honesty above all other virtues. Kyro shows those who follow him their true nature.

Duurden:(valor) the valiant champion and hero of the gods. patron of all noble warriors. God of courage, conviction, and valor. the warlord shrine was built to honor the Kings of old who were said to be staunch followers of Duurden

Othaxus: god of the forge and father of the gargoyles

Taeliss: goddess of the fires of passion and mother of the gargoyles

Othaxus and Taeliss are said to have created the gargoyles before all other races. while the gargoyles have never gathered in huge numbers, they are an ancient race. It is also said that gargoyles dont age or get sick like the other races, instead they sleep for long periods of time at certain points in there lives. If they die, they are usually cremated. This is actually a well kept secret. Those that sleep, sleep with the dead in the crypt and pretend to be dead. when they awake they assume new lives and new roles within their community.

Aralees: goddess of magic and mother of the elves.

Wae: god of magic and father of the elves.

Elves were the second race born of the gods.


ill titleThe Darkness

Kali: the destroyer.

Kronovous: The Keeper of the fates.

Tyrannous: the lord of corruption and cruelity.

Orramus: the lord of mischief.

Hekas: goddess of temptation and seduction.

Helbanis: god of darkness and ruler of the underworld.

Morgathis: goddess of wicked intentions, desire, and lust.

Azi: god of judgement, hate, and war. Azi is the god who killed Obelisk during the war of the heavens. It is said that Azi and Obelisk were twins.

Daeron Modaen: is a self created god of magic and runic items. he also represents chaos. While he is not specifically evil, he also does not follow a path of light. He is known to use anagrams, deception, and force to get what he wants. He has also been known to give aid to travelers in danger.


ill titleThe Dragon Gods

The Dragon Gods and Goddesses stray between the Light and The Darkness. It is said that they will appear to anyone who pays special tribute to them in the Dragon Shrine deep in the Dragon's Nest. It is also said to be unwise to do this.

Towghan: dragon god of wisdom

Erratus: Dragon god of darkness

Krakta: dragon goddess of light

Mantis: dragon god of warfare

Etheras: dragon goddess of fertility and mothers

Alucias: dragon goddess of wealth and prosperity


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