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August 23 , 2019:
The Codex of Lore has been started.

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Healing Fairies can be captured in healing fairy jars. Captured Healing Fairies will pop out of the jar when you die. As long as you were not criminal when you died the Healing Fairy will resurrect you upon movement.


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( 8/23/2019 )


ill titleThe Elemental Gods

The Elemental Gods are the primordial forces of nature and the universe. Nature and the Universe is broken into 10 primordial forces. These forces are named, air, earth, fire, water, time, astral, spiritual, wastes, abyssal, and shadow. These forces go beyond the mortal understanding of the words used to define them, such as time for example. Many believe that time is a mortal made construct, but this couldn't be further from the truth. How most mortals see time, is indeed a mortal construct, but it goes beyond the understanding of one second, two seconds, three seconds. In reality time is a representation of all cyclical motions, gravity, anti-gravity, just to name a few. The elements are neither good or evil. They are not light or dark. They are dual natured forces and represent all aspects of polarized opposites. At one point in the history of the lands of Terra, they were considered to be the dominant forces, even though they often took a back seat to the other deities. This is particially due to the Elemental Gods not seeking followers and chosing to places themselves on equal grounds with all of creation. In the modern era, the Elementals have become more absent from the world, leaving the world to its own devices and to the devices of the other gods and goddesses. Some believe this has something to do with Zamodius and the Nine Devils returning to the lands, but that has yet to be proven. Below you will find a list of the Elemental Gods.

Ramaz:The Elemental God of Water

Baal:The Elemental God of Fire

Mephisto:The Elemental God of Earth

Bane:The Elemental God of Air

Akaisar:The Elemental God of Time

Argissan:The Elemental God of Spirit

Rand:The Elemental God of the Abyss

Alaeza:The Elemental Goddess of the Wastes

Fauss:The Elemental God of Shadow

Moduni:The Elemental God of the Astral


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