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August 23 , 2019:
The Codex of Lore has been started.

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Did you know that we have stealable moongates, ankhs, and trash barrels?


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( 8/23/2019 )


ill titleWelcome To The Codex of Lore !

Here you can find a lot of information about The Dark Tides world of Terra. This section is still under construction, but more is coming.

ill_1"The Dark Tides world is set 1000 years after cataclysmic events nearly destroyed the world and evil is once again returning to the lands. With an uneasy peace between the three races anything could happen.

The humans and the kingdom of Obelisk being the largest, Seconded by the Elves and the kingdom of Notika, Gargoyles being the third with their city state called Firestorm.

With the recent end to the Seige of Terra Amora and the loss of their king and queen leaving behind a young prince, the Kingdom of Obelisk has been realing from their war with the orcs and fighting off the attacks of Tuuraeik The Dark Mage of the Black Gate.

While the Elementals have been absent from the world, the Elemental Temples have been laid waste and taken by Zamodius and the Nine Devils. The Magical Darkwood Trees that were created a thousand years ago to seal the evil away are dying and suffering from the darkwood blight plague. No one knows what will happen next. Will a hero or heroine arrise to once again cast off the evil? Will that hero or heroine be you?


ill titleGeneral World Info

There are many stealable items, lootable treasure chests, hidden areas, and custom music made by us. More then a dozen champion spawn areas and peerless type monsters. Several truly custom Items, special spell systems, lots of custom tamables including mounts. Elemental Damage types play a major role as well. ill_2

We have lots of quests, dungeons, places of interest, and interesting npc's. While we are still new and growing there is still plenty of content. It is a new world for people to explore, challenge, and conquer. So, do you have what it takes?


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