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August 23 , 2019:
The Codex of Lore has been started.

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Did you know using the [charstats command in game will pop up a brief summary of many of your bonus properties. Also saying "I must consider my sins" in game will show you your fame and karma.


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( 8/23/2019 )


ill titleHolidays

Here at the Dark Tides, we have decided not to celebrate real life holidays in game. Many people spend those times with family and friends, as it should be. So we decided that the world of Terra would have its own holidays that we would celebrate. Currently there are 4 active holidays. Logging in during this time will get you a holiday gift bag. One per account. In order for you to recieve this holiday gift bag, your account must be 1 day old before the start of the holiday. If we hold any events during the holidays, they will happen on the weekend the resides during the holiday. Below you will find a list of all the holidays that are currently active or planned to be active at some point in the future.

The First Rising: The first day of spring. said to be the day the world was created by the elementals and gods. Also the start of a new year. April 1st to April 7th.

Solaris: The first day of summer. Celebration of the end of the planting season. June 16th to June 23rd.

Nocte Choro: The Midnight Dance. A celebration of the night. (currently unscheduled and inactive)

Wendalshens: The first day of fall. Also known as the day of shadows. A celebration of the harvest. October 13th to October 21st.

Polaris: first day of winter. it is marked by the appearance of a star near the northern pole of the land. often refered to as the day of the winter star. this star is only visible in the night sky during winter. Polaris is also the Dark Tides Anniversary. December 16th to December 31st.

Intrinsecus: The celebration of the Twilight Veil. The time of crossing over into the afterlife. (currently unscheduled and inactive)


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