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Did you know that the [motd command will bring up the message of the day and allow you to view all the previous ones?

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Did you know using the [c command will bring up a list of players online? [c followed by a message will send your message into the public chat. If you use [va it will give you a list of all players online or not. From here you can send select a player and send them a private message.


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( 8/23/2019 )


ill titleThe Museum

The Museum is a sort of central hub for the world of Terra. Here you will find a great deal of the things you can get upon your journey through the land. There are many Npc Quest Givers in the Museum such as Orraxus the Historian who launches the Nine Devils quest chain. You will also find Npc's like Mateo the Historian of Water Artifacts, who if you drag drop a water artifact onto, he will reward you with a water artifact token. These token rewards can be used as currency at the various token stones through out the museum. Each stone or set of stones uses its own type of token currency. For example at the quest token stones you will find that you can by bags of prismatic tokens. At the Prismatic Token Stone you can use prismatic tokens to by other types of artifact tokens, like the water artifact tokens. This creates a vary elaborate trade in system in the museum. All values and rewards are subject to change.

In the Museum on the main floor you will also find the begining of the Player Vendor mall. The Mall Manager Npc sells the contracts needed to place vendors here. Players can still set up Vendors at their public homes with regular contracts of employment sold elsewhere. As the Server grows and as needed we will expand the Player Vendor Mall.

On the Main Floor are the portals to each of the Starting Towns. Many players use the Museum as a short cut between them. On the forth floor(going down main floor being 1st floor), you will find in the Quest Token and Donation Token Room a portal to the Addon Park. In the Addon Park you will find more Donation Token, Quest Token, and even a Gold Stone where you can buy various addon decoration for your homes. Some addons are very tricky to place, and staff if available are aloud to help position the addon if you are unable. We just ask that you try your best first, as we have lots to do alreay, and if this is abused we will stop helping.


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