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August 23 , 2019:
The Codex of Lore has been started.

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Did you know that some wells are wishing wells? They are magical in many different ways.


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ill titleQuests

We Have several Quest Systems in place in the Dark Tides world. Some are easier then others. The main quest system work by double left clicking Npc's that carry the title "Quest Giver". Doing So will pop up a gump that tells you about the quest they have to offer you. Many Quest Givers offer multiple quests. If you don't want the quest being offered you can simply double left click the quest giver again and again to see if it cycles to a different quest. Sometimes you have to double click them multiple times to get it to cycle. Some Quest Givers Offer quests that have special requirements to take. In this case if you do not meet those requirements, the Quest Giver will not offer you the quest. Some of the requires could be a skill, your character race, or even an attribute.

Another quest system have is called a "drag drop quest". Most of these quest involve taking special items to specific npc's and dragging the item on top of them and dropping it to recieve your reward. This includes Our Stuffed Animals Quest, Strange Items Quest, and Action Figures Quest. All the items from these three quests appear as chance special monster loot.

We Also have "word of mouth quests". These take many forms and is often a variation of the drag drop quest system, the exception being that you learn about them from Npc's who talk.

Quest Chains is a variation of the main quest system in which finishing one quest triggers another quest not normally offered. Many of these quests involve several quests and get you a series of rewards, but not all.


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