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August 23 , 2019:
The Codex of Lore has been started.

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Did you know that we have stealable moongates, ankhs, and trash barrels?


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( 8/23/2019 )


ill titleCharacter Creation

Here is where you pick what race you want to be, such as human, elf, or gargoyle. Each race has its own perks to being one.

Humans have a bonus to how much they can carry, to there hit point regen, resource collection(ore, lumber, leather), and are a jack of all trades, which gives them a slight bonus to untrained skill.

Elves Have full strength nightsight, a bonus to collecting special resources, they are difficult to track, increased chance of detecting hidden, and a bonus to there max mana.

Gargoyles can fly, however they cannot ride a mount. They can go beserk and gain bonuses to speed and power at the cost of defense, they have natural imbuing, throwing, and mysticism bonuses.


ill titleTrade

Next comes chosing a trade for your character. There are 7 preset trades and advanced allows you full range of choice. Each of the preset trades has set skills and attributes. The advanced option you must chose your skills and set your attributes and skill points.


ill titleCity

Next Comes The City Selction Screen. As of right now Your starting City is based on your race, but you can read about each of the starting cities. Which ever city you select here does not matter. If you are a human, you will start in Aria, if you are an Elf you start in Noticia, if you are a gargoyle you will start in Firestorm.


ill titleEntering The World

Once your Character enters the world you will be given some basic items, some gold, a bank check, a full Magery Spellbook, and six skill balls that will boost a skill up to 50.0. Once you chose how you are using your 6 skill balls, you will be able to move. Sense we are still a fairly new server with a brand new world we are building, there is not much immediately in the area you start. You will need to explore the city you start in and the surrounding areas. In each Starting town you will find a moongate/portal to the Museum, Zoo, and Charity Donation House. Single Left Clicking these will tell you where they go or if it is a Shifting Gate or Obelisk Gate. The Charity Donation House contains free stuff for new players to help them get started. Near each of the starting cities you can find starting mobs. These mobs are not aggressive, with a couple of exceptions of course. These are a great place to start training for the adventures ahead. If you have made a crafter we recommend to explore the towns using our two moongate systems. Obelisk Gates, and Shifting Gates. Each type of gate has its own destinations. The Obelisk Gates take you to Human Towns and are found mostly in Human Towns. The Shifting Gates belong to the Free Cities, Elves, and Gargoyles. You can use the Museum, Zoo, and Charity Donation House as short cuts between the Start Towns.


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