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August 23 , 2019:
The Codex of Lore has been started.

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Did you know that you can lock pick some locked doors?.


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( 8/23/2019 )


ill titleThe Status Deeds

We often get questions about Powerscrolls and how to get them. Well the answer to that is, we don't have them. Here at the Dark Tides we have a custom system of advancement. This being the Status Deeds. Each time you use a Status Deed it will give you a title and some benefits. There are a few ways to get these deed. One way is through completing the Nine Devils Quest Chain Quests offered by Orraxus the Historian in the Museum. You can also get them by turning in specific large bulk order deeds from both blacksmithing and tailoring. You can also get them from high level dungeon treasure chests. Lastly a select few Monsters have a chance to drop them, although rare. Below is a list of the Status Levels and their benefits.

[Supernatural]: Stat Cap 260, Individual Skill Cap 105, Resistance Cap 73

[Demon]: Stat Cap 275, Individual Skill Cap 110, Resistance Cap 76

[Dragon]: Stat Cap 290, Individual Skill Cap 115, Resistance Cap 79

[Demi-God]: Stat Cap 305, Individual Skill Cap 120, Resistance Cap 82

[Seraphim]: Stat Cap 320, Individual Skill Cap 125, Resistance Cap 85

[Lesser God]: Stat Cap 335, Individual Skill Cap 130, Resistance Cap 88

[God]: Stat Cap 350, Individual Skill Cap 135, Resistance Cap 91

[Greater God]: Stat Cap 365, Individual Skill Cap 140, Resistance Cap 94

[Elemental God]: Stat Cap 375, Individual Skill Cap 150, Resistance Cap 98


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