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The "Elementals" are a key to many mysteries in the world of Terra.

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Before his descent into madness, Evandar was told by Bane the elemental of Air "We created flowers to help guide you on your journey, though some appear like weeds. Faith is such a strange thing, but it is never about knowing, it is about feeling it in your heart."


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( 12/29/2019 )


ill titleThe Temple of the Wastelands

The Temple of the Wastelands was once a place for elementalist who had lost their way along their path. It was here that they reflected on their life and their goals. It was here that they would give gifts to the bringer of life in the desert, the elemental of wastes Alaeza. It was here they would find the reasons of their despair and failures in life. It was here they would seek to be reborn from the trials of the lost. The rise of the Devil Merrakus, has brought the madness of the sands to the followers of Alaeza. It has brought monsters of all sorts to the surface. Though this place has never been one of peace, the madness unleashed by Merrakus blocks all those who seek its mysteries alone, defeating the original purpose of finding one's self in this place. Now only those who have seen the depths may enter the depths alone.(Note: If you are going through here for the first time, do not go alone. Bring a friend.)

ill titleMonsters

Animated Fulgurite, Cockatrice, Demented Pixie, Desert Bramble, Desert Creeper, Desert Pincer, Desert Spider, Disciples of Merrakus, Entranced Gargoyle, Fulgurite Elemental, Giant Desert Pincer, Giant Sand Glider, Sand Dweller, Sand Glider, Sandstone Spider, Sandstorm Cloud, Wasteland Amazon, Wasteland Bat, Wasteland Beetle, Wasteland Demon, Wasteland Monk, Wasteland Priest, Wasteland Raptor, Wasteland Rattler, Wasteland Sorceress, Wasteland Warlord.

ill titlePeerless Key Droppers

Wasteland Captain, Wasteland Commander, Wasteland Devastator, Wasteland Warlock.

ill titleSpecial Monsters

Merrakus(wasteland devil).

ill titleOther Info

Stealable Deco.

Stealable item.

Stealable Keys(2).

Peerless Key Droppers.

Fairies(level 1).

Moving Walls(level 1).

Lever Puzzels(levels 1,2).

Teleporter Traps(levels 1,2,3).

ill titleFirst Level


1. Entrance Area.

2. Fairy Room.

3. Entrance to Level Two.

ill titleSecond Level


1. Second Level Entrance Area.

2. Entrance to Level Three.

ill titleThird Level


1. Third Level Entrance Area.

2. Wasteland Champion Spawn Area. You will need a key to enter this area.

3. Entrance to the Sacred Desert Shrine Area. Make a wish.

ill titleSacred Desert Shrine


1. Third Level Entrance Area.

2. Merrakus' Throne Room. Don't forget the Darkwood Blight! This is for the Third Quest of the Nine Devils Quest.


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