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Ancient Mortilus are great pets for the mid and early game. They take 5 control slots, require minimum of 90.1 in animal taming, act as a pack animal, is mountable, and while it is still alive it can resurrect you when you are dead if you double click it.

More Info:

Drone Beetles while rare, are great low maintance pets that come in several different colors and don't require feeding. You can still feed them if you want to though.


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( 9/4/2019 )


ill titleThe Water Temple

The Water Temple is said to be the source of all the world's water. Once long ago it was a sanctuary for all those who sought the wisdom of the water elemental Ramaz and a home to those who followed his ways of justice and honor. The rise of the Devil Issidian brought about a new era in the temple. One filled with demons, spirits, and other manors of creatures. It even twisted some of the followers of Ramaz who still call this place home.

ill titleMonsters

Blood Scorpions, Fierce Pincers, Fish Daemons, Fish Mongers, Giant Blood Scorpions, Mist Elementals, Pincers, Sea Demons, Undines, Water Amazons, Water Bats, Disciples of Issidian, Water Elementals, Entranced Gargoyles, Water Monks, Water Priests, Water Sorceresses, Water Warlords, Ancient Sea Demon, Ancient Undine, Deep Water Creature.

ill titlePeerless Key Droppers(The Dark Sanctuary)

Water Captain, Water Commander, Water Devastator, Water Warlock.

ill titleSpecial Monsters

Issidian(water devil), Sish(quest mob), Lilitha(quest mob), Xanith(quest mob), Kimate, Lost Pants(quest mob), Fancy Shirt(quest mob) Kelish(quest mob).

ill titleOther Info

Stealable Deco.

Stealable Equipment.

Stealable Key.

Peerless Key Droppers(The Dark Sanctuary Level).

Fairies(level 1).

ill titleFirst Level

ill_11. Entrance Area

2. Fairy Room

3. Spider Wall. Wall Switch Controlled. Entrance to the Dark Waters Champ which is the first quest of the Nine Devils Quest. You need the Water Key to get into the switch room that controls the Spider Wall.

4. Fairy Room

5. Entrance to The Dark Sanctuary

ill titleDark Waters Champion Area

ill_11. Entrance Area. Here you will also find a prep room.

2. Dark Waters Champion Area. The First Quest of the Nine Devils Quests is completed here.

ill titleThe Dark Sanctuary

ill_11. Entrance Area

2. Shipwreck Entrance to the Mermaid Shrine. You will need a basic mining skill and a pickaxe equipped to break the rock(by double click) that blocks the passage into the Mermaid Shrine.

ill titleMermaid Shrine

ill_11. Entrance Area

2. Shrine Area and Peerless Offering Bag. Don't forget the Darkwood Blight! This Leads to The Hidden Castle for the Second Quest of the Nine Devils Quest.

ill titleThe Hidden Castle

ill_1The Second Quest of the Nine Devils Quests leads you here.


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